Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our favorite toys 0-4 months

Our son with Down syndrome is about 3 1/2 months old.  We've found a few toys and products that we really like for him.  Especially as he gets more interested in toys, there are certain ones that are clearly his favorites!

Cade enjoying his Lamaze Tummy Time toy

Big mirror - like most babies, Cade loves to look at himself and talk to "the other baby" in the mirror.  I love this mirror by Wimmer-Ferguson.  It's big, it's breakproof but very clear, and on the back there are visual stimulation images.  Mostly, I love it because it's big and it has a clear image. 

Fisher Price Kick n Play Piano Gym - Oh. My. Gosh.  This is seriously the best money you'll ever spend on a baby toy.  After the mamas were going gaga over it on my birth club, I sucked it up and bought one.  And yes, Cade LOVES this thing.  He loves it like it's his best friend, like it's the best thing to come along since breastmilk.  His OT loves it builds strength in his legs and arms, it reinforces cause and effect, it encourages him to reach up above himself and bring arms to midline.  And it's not annoying.  


Manhattan Toy Winkel - The Winkel is easy to hold, easy to teethe, and can be put into the freezer or refrigerator.  This is one of the first toys that Cade has been able to hold and manipulate by himself. 

Disco Ball - okay, so it's not a toy, but seriously, this provides some of the best stimulation ever.  Cade LOVES this thing (and our other kids think it's pretty great too!).  I bought one that screws into any standard light socket.  I happen to have a lamp perfect for this use so that it's sparkling right around Cade but not directly into his eyes.  For the price, this is honestly one of our best investments for Cade.
Leapfrog Spin & Sing - this is the first toy that Cade can activate by himself.  A small touch is enough to set off the music and lights.  The best part?  It's not terribly annoying. 
Lamaze Tummy Time Spin & Explore - this toy has a lot going for it.  It holds kiddos up so they can look around a bit before they quite have the neck control to do this themselves.  The gently cupping of the saddle also holds their arms in the proper propping position.  They can use their feet to spin around, which then gives them access to lots of toys around the mat.  The toys are easily replaced to keep the mat fresh and fun.  Our OT saw this in our living room and immediately flipped it over to see who made it so she could find one for her office.  
Colby & Cade (3 1/2 months)


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