Saturday, August 10, 2013

Caesar's Palace, part two

When I decided to redo Cade's spaces, I tried to think of all of the places he spends time.  His car seat and crib both made the cut as makeovers since he spends a bit of time in both.

My first project was super fast, like 10 minutes.  It's a "baby paper" toy with soft, tactile surfaces, ribbons, and crinkly cellophane inside.  I chose black and red, but you can do any bright colors.  One side is polka dot minky, the other side is some sort of fuzzy fur that's really soft and washes well.  It's about 6" x 6".  For the crinkly inside, I used discarded packaging from another toy.  And I've found it washes in the machine just fine, I just have to hang to dry. 

My second project took a bit longer, but sewed up pretty fast despite me doing it without any sort of pattern.   I wanted to make a carseat "gallery", inspired by this Manhattan Toy Car Seat Gallery :

Yes, I could totally have purchased it, but what fun is that?  I bought some fabric, the plastic vinyl, dug through my button collection, and printed off some more cards from BrillKids.  I printed enough cards to switch them out fairly often.  My daughter thinks this is great fun, so every time Cade is in the car he has new cards to look at.  The buttons are just for more visual interest, they don't have any other purpose.  This is my creation:

My last project (for now!) was a new mobile for his crib.  We have a store-bought mobile, but I don't like it very much and Cade doesn't seem to notice it.  I stumbled across a great blog post from a mom who made a mobile and it looked easy and COOL!  I followed her awesome instructions and this is what I came up with:

Cade NOTICES this mobile!  He loves it like crazy.  Now I take him in there just so he can watch the mobile for a few minutes.  I haven't done much else with the crib since it's for sleeping and not for play, but making this mobile was totally worth the time (about 2 hours).  I could have made it faster if I'd used black & white fabric instead, but I liked being able to make whatever design I wanted.  I really like how it turned out.  Simple, but effective, visual stimulation.


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