Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Caesar's Palace, Baby!

Sometime around 4 months, Cade started getting fussy.  He seemed, well, bored.  It dawned on me that our other children were ready for an exersaucer or bouncer at about this age.  Cade was cognitively ready, but physically he's not there yet.

I posted this question simultaneously on a Down syndrome online group and to our OT and asked both...what do you do with a bored 4 month old?

And the answer from both...more stimulation.  One mom on the online group described it this way:  don't be too traditional.  Skip the pastels.  Think Caesar's Palace instead.  Gold!  Sparkle!  Glitter!  She'd hung christmas lights above her baby's crib.  That was a great place to start.  Our OT suggested prisms, foil banners, etc.

I looked to Pinterest and Amazon for some ideas, then hit the road.  Mostly I shopped at Joann Fabrics for some craft supplies.  Went to the Dollar Tree for some foil wrapping paper.  Visited a lot of garage sales for hanging toys and light up toys.  And this is what I came up with...

This area in our living room features Christmas lights, a disco ball, mirrors, and more.  I have enough hanging toys for the play gym that I can switch them all out every day for several days.  I printed the black & white cards from BrillKids.

Prisms, foil banner, and a locker decoration from the "Back to School" section at Walmart

Cade loves the prisms

These photos are of our changing area.  Our changing table is in the closet, which gave me lots of options for hanging things.  I have a light that shines directly on the prisms, so in the closet they throw sparkles all over the walls. 

Almost everything in these two areas is either homemade or inexpensively purchased at garage sales, Amazon, or Walmart.  I think I spent less than $20 and I still have lots of fabric, a couple more prisms, etc, to create more fun things for Cade's enjoyment.  I'll do another post soon with a couple more projects!

And how is Cade doing now?  He loves his new play area and changing table.  We do his therapy in his play area now, too, and that makes everything so much fun for him.  It's Caesar's Place, Baby!


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