Welcome to 321 Mama!

My name is Heather and I'm the mama to 3 awesome kids.  Camille is my oldest and my only girl.  Colby is my middle and he's hilarious.  Cade is my baby and he was born with something extra: a 3rd 21st chromosome, or Down syndrome.

My husband, Shannon, and I have been married since 1999.  Together we follow the Lord in all things (or we try!).  We own and manage a business based in our garage, Cloth Diaper Outlet and Knickernappies Cloth Diapers.

We're also new foster parents, as of December 2013.  We are a general placement family, meaning we'll take any kids who meet our criteria.  So far, we only accept babies under 18 months and only one child at a time.  So these days, most of the time we have 4 children.  We love our little bonus babies and they've added a lot of richness and texture to our family life.  Someday I'll blog about why we do this.  For now...it's a calling that we're obedient to, even though it seems crazy.


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