Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dear Cade

Dear Cade,
Today I saw a photo of a grown man with Down syndrome.  He was everything people think that Down syndrome is...overweight, blankly staring, mouth open.  Tears sprang to my eyes as I stared at the picture.  I want so much more for you.  I expect so much more for you.  You will have the best of educational opportunities and therapies, neither of which the man in the photo was likely to have ever had. 

But, just in case, I'll love you anyway.

I expect that you'll be going off to kindergarten before I know it.  I expect that you'll learn to read.  I expect that you'll run and laugh and play just like your brother and sister.  I expect that you'll find a sport you love.  I expect you'll like video games.  And Funyuns.

When you're 3, I expect that you'll choose what clothes to wear each day.  And they won't match, just like your older sister and brother never matched when they were 3.  I expect you'll wear your shoes backward because you put them on all by yourself.  I expect you'll talk a lot.

When you're 8, I expect you'll have a best friend and want to spend the night every single night.  I expect you'll pass your swim lesson class, and ride a horse, and ride a bike.  I expect you'll still talk a lot.

But, just in case, I'll love you anyway.

If you don't speak a word, ever, I'll still love you.
If I tie your shoes your entire life, I'll still love you.
If you're 40 years old and your clothes don't match and your shoes are on backward because you put them on all by yourself, I'll still love you.

As I look at the photo of that grown man, I remind myself that things are different now.  We know that people with Down syndrome can accomplish so much, that the sky is the limit, just as it is with our typical children.  You can learn, you can maybe learn to drive, you might even go to college.  I expect you to have a chance at those things.

But, just in case, I will always love you. 

Love always and forever,


  1. Another little note to Cade.... you have the best mommy ever!!!!

  2. Tough to finish reading through the tears. Cade, you have the most amazing Mommy I have ever known. The "sky is the limit," but not just because of the therapy and opportunities you will have, but because of the parents God picked just for you. You are a blessed little boy!