Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Down syndrome Awesomeness

A pesky third chromosome isn't holding these people back!

Prima Donna ballet dancer  - Aline Favaro is a professional ballerina

Figure Skater - Jonathan Clutterbuck won gold in a figure skating competition in Scotland

City Mayor - Ángela Bachiller is the mayor of a city in Spain

Artist - Erik David Behnke is a professional artist in Alaska

Mt Everest mountain climber - Eli Reimer became the first person with Down syndrome to summit Mt Everest

Wildlife Photographer - Oliver Hellowell is a professional wildlife photographer and accomplished skateboarder

Restaurant Owner - Tim Harris owns and runs his own restaurant in Albuquerque

Television ReporterFernanda Honorato is a reporter in Rio de Janeiro

Flamenco DancerThalia Arbelaez is an internationally acclaimed dancer from Florida.  Her styles include ballet, flamenco, belly dancing, tap, and more.


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