Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Favorite Sites

This is a list of my favorite websites, ones that include useful information about how to encourage, nurture, stimulate, and help my child reach his goals.

BrillKids - print flash cards with black/white images for visual stimulation.  Our OT recommended these cards and gave me a small pile she'd printed out.  I went the step further and printed these from BrillKids so I could tape them up around the house.  I have some in his changing area, some in his play area, etc.  Print either Patterns or Objects.  Or you can buy the cards for $15.

BrillKids flash cards
DomanMom - this is a blog detailing how to use Glenn Doman's teaching techniques.  It's a down-to-earth blog full of "doable" ideas.  Maybe you don't have space for an 8' crawling track, but I'll bet you can find lots of ideas that you CAN do, starting today.  It also has daily checksheets that you can use to keep track of your activities.  I use this one for babies & toddlers.  I'm so busy (aren't we all?!) that it's hard to remember when or if you've done something. 

BabyCenter Down Syndrome forum and BabyCenter Down Syndrome Pregnancy forum - two great forums for support, ideas, and more.  Moms from all over the world gather to discuss our special kiddos.

Noah's Dad - written by a father of a child with Down syndrome, this blog is full of great stuff, including lists of toys that Noah liked best.  I go here first for toy ideas.  

Oral Therapy Video - this is a great video demonstrating some oral exercises that help shape the palate for proper eating and helping to prevent tongue thrust.  

New Parent Video - this video was created for new parents of a child with Down syndrome. 


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