Saturday, November 23, 2013

One year check-in

It's been almost a year since we got Cade's diagnosis.  How are things going for us now?

Cade is 7 months old (we got his diagnosis when I was 5 months pregnant).  He's eating solid foods, sitting up, and has two teeth.

He's generally a happy baby, but not "always happy" the way that you hear.  He has the same emotions as everyone else and lets us know when something isn't going his way.

His hearing is great.

His vision is great.

His heart is great.

His health is great.

Camille and Colby adore him and think he's the best baby ever.  Their relationship is great.

Shannon and I can't imagine not having Cade in our family.  Being his mommy is great.

One year ago, I was in tears and wondering why God would do this to us.  Today, I'm so thrilled that "God did this to us."  Cade is perfect and wonderful and we're doing GREAT!


  1. I've always thought, if everyone could get the diagnosis along with a 12 month sneak peek ahead, there would be far less anxious moments. Even if there are medical issues the realization that this is also your own precious baby with all the wonder that comes with that covers much, I think. Thanks for sharing your walk (and your great kids!)