Friday, October 25, 2013


I've done a pretty lousy job blogging about Down syndrome this month, mostly because I'm too busy playing with my baby who has Down syndrome!  Anyway, this topic came to mind this morning and I thought it deserved a few minutes.

Perspective changes a lot of things.  Sometimes it's comparing our own situation to someone else's, or comparing a time in our lives to a different time in our lives.  Sort of the "hindsight is 20/20" thing.  I'm thinking back to a time in my life, almost one year ago.

I'd had a routine blood test while I was pregnant.  I didn't even think about the test results and wasn't nervous about them at all.  I'd actually forgotten about it...until my doctor called.  Personally.

I've never, in any of my pregnancies, had my doctor call me personally about test results.  Usually the conversation goes like this:  "This is Tammy, from Dr. Versage's office, calling to let you know that your blood test is normal.  Have a nice day."

This voicemail was more like this:  "This is Dr. Versage and I have your test results.  Some things came up, will you please call me back as soon as you can so we can discuss them."

Of course I hit Google immediately, even as I dialed the doctor's office.  As I waited on hold, I found that my routine blood test covered Trisomy 13 and Trisomy 18, both of which are nearly always fatal.  

As the possibilities swirled through my mind, I was terrified that she would say my test results came back high for one of those trisomies.  I shook as I waited for her to come to the phone.

And then... "Your test results show a higher than usual level of hormones, indicating the possibility of Trisomy 21.  That's Down syndrome."

I didn't hear anything else after that point, as utter relief poured through me.  I didn't know much about Down syndrome, but I knew most babies didn't die from it.  I would still hold my baby in my arms. 




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