Thursday, October 3, 2013

31 for 21

October is Down Syndrome Awareness month and lots of bloggers team up each year to write a blog post every day for a whole month to raise awareness, banish myths, and show off adorable kids!

This year, it's my pleasure to participate.  My Cade has changed my life (as any child added to a family does) and I want everyone to know that he's pretty much amazing!

What's 31 for 21?  Down syndrome is what occurs when there are three copies (instead of two) of the 21st chromosome.  It is also called Trisomy 21.  October has 31 days.  So 31 blog posts to raise awareness for 21.

 Today is day 3 so I'm joining a tad late.  I won't bore you with catch-up posts, I think I'll just start fresh tomorrow.  Will I make the 31 (or 29) posts?  Hopefully, but maybe not.  If you actually read any of the posts, will you know more about Down syndrome and what it's like to raise a child with Down syndrome?  Absolutely. 

So please, read along.  We'll enjoy the journey together. 


  1. Congrats on the birth of your little one and welcome to the 31 for 21 blog challenge!