Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Reality Check

Yesterday I posted about how great Cade is doing, how "typical" he is in so many ways.  I want to show a bit of the flip side today.  Cade IS doing great, but he does have Down syndrome.  So, to blow away any rainbows and unicorns left by yesterday's post...

Cade doesn't play with toys yet.  At 5 1/2 months, a typical baby would eagerly grab toys to play.  He looks at them, but doesn't even try to hold them.  If I put a toy in his hand, it falls to his side almost immediately.  He will bat at toys hanging above him, but won't reach out and take it or interact with it. 

He rolled from his stomach to his back a few times several weeks ago, but never since.  This isn't entirely unusual for any baby, but by 6 months most are rolling from side to side pretty easily. 

He's learning to sit, but needs a lot of support.  He still folds in half readily.

Cade doesn't seem to recognize his name, or anyone else's.  He won't look at mommy when we ask "Where's mommy?"

If you were to look at a milestone chart (which I don't do, except for today), Cade is very much like a typical 3-month-old. 

For a child with Down syndrome, this is all very normal.  Cade is doing great and he's right on track.  He smiles and flirts, he laughs, he loves peekaboo.  But yes, he is delayed a little.  He undergoes occupational therapy once a month, soon to be twice a month.  We work on skills needed for rolling, sitting, etc. 

Also, medically, while Cade is a total superstar, sometimes things still pop up.  Leukemia, seizures, and thyroid issues are very common and often show up anytime in the first two years.  So every time Cade wiggles funny, we take note.  Any red spot whose cause I don't know, I keep an eye on.  And when we take him to the doctor, our pediatrician takes our concerns seriously.

For instance, Cade has had tremors in his right arm and head since Wed, July 24.  Every day, usually several times a day.  So we had an EEG to rule out seizures.

Sleep-deprived EEG
The EEG was normal, so for now we're on a "wait and see" status.  At any point, we may have a neurology consult take a look. 

My reading pile is full of titles like Gross Motor Skills for Children with Down Syndrome, Babies with Down Syndrome, and How Smart is your Baby (a book about brain development in kids with Down syndrome).  Most of my new Facebook friends are moms of kids with Down syndrome.  It's a pretty great community and I'm honored to be a part of it. 

Mostly, I'm honored to be Cade's mom.  He's pretty amazing!


  1. He is awesome! Camden was doing exactly what Cade is doing at that age. It's funny how I think things are never going to happen and then he just does it one day. As far as medical issues, I do the same. I notice every odd move or weird bump. It definitely keeps me on my toes! I'm bad about reading. I've got the books and never open them. ;)