Sunday, May 8, 2016

Somewhere out there

Somewhere out there is a mom who isn't with her children today on Mother's Day.

A mom who, for whatever reason, has made the choice to not see her children.  A heartbreaking choice that she grieves, even as she posts to Facebook that it's just too much trouble and she's so tired of fighting.

Right here in our house are two children who don't realize, not really, what they're missing.  And yet, on some level, their little bodies know.  One clings to me, unable to tolerate me leaving the room, fear of abandonment etched into each feature on his tiny face.  The other doesn't care, that itself a protective measure built into her brain by past abandonment.

Two children whose lives are changing by every decision made by the grown-ups around them.  Two children who have absolutely no say in any of it.  Who just want to be home, but home isn't what they remember.

Two children who call me mommy, but who will soon lose me, too.  I pour in love and affection and snuggles, and I hope it will be enough.

I wish I could see their mother one more time.  I wish I could say, your children NEED you.  They're worth fighting for.  Your children need to know that you're out there, that you're okay, that you love them.

To all the mothers who fight every day for your children, happy Mother's Day.

To all the mothers who've given your babies in adoption, happy Mother's Day.

To all the mothers who've desperately wanted your children here with you today, but they've gone to Heaven before you, happy Mother's Day.

To all the mothers who can't fight another day, who let these precious days slip through your fingers, happy Mother's Day to you, too.  There's still time to make another choice, to choose your children.  They're waiting for you.

Not my children.  Thank you to offset for the stock photo.


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