Thursday, April 28, 2016

I met a man

Yesterday, I met a man.

He was dressed like any 20-something man would dress.  He had a trendy beard and wore a few accessories in the latest styles.  Undeniably, he was hip and handsome.

I said hello, a little shy.

He reached out to shake my hand and returned my hello, not shy at all.  A friendly, outgoing man.

I liked him instantly.

We watched our Little Leaguers play ball for a few minutes, and then I left to take 4 of my children home.

I can't stop thinking about that man.  I think I might have even dreamed about him last night.  I would really like to meet him again.  Soon.

He has Down syndrome.  In the few minutes that I knew him, I wondered if my son would grow up to be like him.  That thought makes me smile.

Watching his brother play baseball