Friday, November 21, 2014

Thank you. Really.

It was 2 years ago today that I took a little blood test called MaterniT21.  We'd already been given high odds that our child, our son, would be born with Down syndrome.  This test, non-invasive screening, would help confirm or refute the odds.

Since then, we've come a long way.  You already know that Cade does indeed have Down syndrome.  And you probably already know that it's not a big deal...Cade's amazing and growing and adorable and mischievous. 

Today's post is to say Thank You.  

Thank you for never saying "I'm sorry."

Thank you for hugging us and telling us it would all be okay.

Thank you for loving, for really loving, our son.

Thank you for rejoicing at his birth.

Thank you for never asking "Is he walking yet?" or showing surprise that he isn't.

Thank you for telling us he's adorable.

Thank you for visiting us in the hospital, or congratulating us on Facebook.

Thank you for being excited with us at every milestone.

Thank you for everything over the past two years. 

Thank you.

18 months


  1. Oh, sweet friend, it has truly been our pleasure!

  2. You are a wonderfully strong woman and I admire you and all that you do! Miss you guys! Caye