Sunday, March 23, 2014

World Down Syndrome Day

March 21 was World Down Syndrome Day!  We celebrated by wearing a 3/21 tshirt and laying around feeling yucky.  It would have been more fun if we hadn't been sick!  But anyway, a lot of fun things happened this weekend.  Here are the highlights...

Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network (DSDN) launches with a website, Facebook groups, and lots of support for families just receiving a diagnosis.  I'm super proud of this site and the mamas who've gotten it started.

Our Mission: The Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network (DSDN) supports families with current information and real-life accounts of life with Down syndrome during the prenatal to early childhood phases. DSDN is committed to facilitating unbiased, family-centered discussion of Down syndrome within the medical community.  We strive to cultivate a culture of acceptance and inclusion for people with Down syndrome at all stages of life.

{Unexpected}: Stories of a Down syndrome diagnosis also launches.  This amazing collection tells the stories of dozens of families who've received a diagnosis.  Prenatal, birth, those who waited out a potential diagnosis, and those with unusual circumstances have all come together to share stories with the world and encourage families just arriving at their Down syndrome journey.  Cade's story is in the Prenatal Section.

{Unexpected} is a collection of stories that include real-life accounts from families who have received a diagnosis of Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome).  Families from around the world share what it was like for them to receive a prenatal, birth, or uniquely timed diagnosis, and those families with a potential but unconfirmed diagnosis share their experiences as well. Readers will follow along as the contributors describe the many facets of their diagnosis experience and the range of emotions that came with it.

Gift Baskets for Down Syndrome Diagnoses is my own personal project.  While I received a prenatal diagnosis and had plenty of time to prepare before birth, many families are still surprised with a birth diagnosis.  A gift basket full of useful items, books about Down syndrome, and brochures for local and national resources is a great way to welcome these new families into our community.  I've started a GoFundMe page to help raise the money for these baskets.  Only $500 will pay for baskets for every family receiving a Ds diagnosis in our local area for 2 years.  My plan to assemble all of the baskets, then deliver them to maternity nurses and lactation consultants who can get them to the families while still in the hospital.  

$500 will pay for 10 (or more) gift baskets.  I'll buy as much at wholesale as possible, and even ask for donation from our business vendors.  More baskets = more families reached with a personal welcome.  Thank you for your support and for sharing this goal!


  1. Very cool about the baskets! I had a very unexpected birth diagnosis and loved the package I received from our local group. Those baskets will be a great gift!

  2. Thanks Diane! What did you get in your basket? Anything you wished had NOT been included? Or think should have been included?