Sunday, March 30, 2014

My last first birthday

My last journey of motherhood began one year ago today.  *sigh*  One year ago, I woke at 3 am.  I laid awake in the dark and thought how nice it would be to go into labor.  My mom had arrived from Missouri, the bags were packed, everything was ready.  I thought "Please Lord, just a little contraction, just to let me know the baby is okay?"  Lo and behold, a tiny contraction.  I smiled and rubbed my belly.  "Wouldn't it be funny, God, if my water broke right now?"


Um....seriously, what was that?

I laid there a bit longer, and decided that one way or another, I had to get up and change clothes.  In the dark bedroom, as I stumbled around for fresh clothing, I felt one little gush after another.  I think...really?  I think my water broke!

Sure enough, that was the beginning of Cade's birth.  My mom had barely been in town for 12 hours.  I hadn't even had a chance to show her where things were yet.  After a mad scramble to shower, get the last things ready, and show mom where Colby's diapers were, we headed to the hospital. My OB was on call that day and she was in my room soon after we arrived.  Things were progressing and I couldn't wait to meet Cade.

Around 10:30 am, Cade's heart rate plummeted.  My OB rushed in and as they worked to bring up Cade's heart rate, the room filled with people.  Ten minutes later, my doctor said his heart rate was too low and we couldn't wait any longer.  Down the hall we went (seriously, it was like a movie, the hallway lights flashing by overhead) to the OR.  Minutes later, I heard my son cry for the first time.


A NICU team was standing by just in case his heart issues were worse than expected.  I chatted with my OB and anesthesiologist while I waited for my son.

He was perfectly healthy, beautiful, and ready to meet his mama!

Today our tiny boy is one year old.  He's not tiny anymore, though when he's asleep and I hold him just right I can still pretend that he is.   My last baby, my last newborn, my final first birthday. 


  1. There is so much Colby in the black and white picture at the bottom...I feel so blessed to be walking along side you as Cade continues to blossom as the "Super" boy we knew he would be even before we had met him.