Thursday, April 2, 2015

All I know about perseverance...

Everything I know about perseverance, I'm learning from my son.

Cliche?  Absolutely.

I'm 37 38 years old.   I thought I knew all about perseverance.  Never quit, run the race, keep your eyes on the goal.  I imagine an inspirational poster for every quote. 

Cade is learning to walk.  He's been working on this skill for weeks.  First, it was learning to stand.  He would stand up, only to immediately fall, over and over again.  Each time he gained his feet, he'd smile and clap.

After a few weeks of standing, he took a few steps, almost accidentally.  Then he started attempting steps all the time.  But every single attempt ended with him on his face.  Every. Single. Attempt.  For WEEKS.

I would have given up at that point.  It's easier to just sit, you know?

But not Cade.  He's had a glimpse of life as a walker and he is determined to reach success.  He practices every day, everywhere.  He's more confident now and will take steps pretty easily from one spot to another, but true independent walking still eludes him. But he keeps working on it, day after day.  Week after week.  This kid never gives up.

How many times has he fallen?  Hundreds.  Thousands, even.  How many times has he bumped his head?  Dozens, surely.  How many times has he ended up in tears?  A few times, but most often, he gets right back up and once on his feet, he still claps for himself.  Even if no one else is watching, he praises himself.

As I've watched my young son work so hard to learn a skill that most kids learn in a week or two, I realize that he has more drive, more ambition, more "get up and go" than anyone else I know.  Nothing is going to hold him back, except for our own expectations. Where's the inspirational poster for that?

Note:  This is a post I started a few weeks ago.  Since then, Cade has officially become a walker.  I imagine that his next goal must surely be running.


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