Monday, December 1, 2014

What you see isn't true

If you live in our area and you've seen us in the past year or two, then you've likely met Cade.  He's the baby you smile at in a restaurant.  He's the one you make googly eyes at in the grocery store.  He's the one who you talk to in a high sing-songy voice as you tell me he's adorable.  But most likely, the response you've gotten from him is this...

Blank.  Rarely does Cade show a response to anything in public.  He seems vacant.  This is his personality in crowds, in front of new people, anytime he's overwhelmed or tired.  He retreats into himself and...blank.  

I used to make a lot of excuses.  

"He's so tired right now."
"He just woke up from a nap."
"His coffee hasn't kicked in yet."

I used to try to encourage him to wake up.  Can you wave?  Will you say Hi?  

Most of the time now, though, I just say "Yep, he keeps us busy.  Typical toddler."  And I move on.  But really, what I really want you to see is this:

Just readin' the mail

20 months old
Thanksgiving Day

When you see people with special needs and they seem to be "blank" or "not all there", remember this blog post and realize...what you see isn't a true perspective.  I guarantee, there is a person inside and there are smiles and laughter and a life worth living.

“This is not some big distraction. This is not some huge detour. This is the path God has for us and it leads somewhere good. It could even be our defining moment.”



  1. I love this! Your photos capture it perfectly.