Saturday, August 23, 2014

An Immoral Choice?

I'm feeling very passionate right now, but I'll try to restrain myself and write sensibly. 

Last week, a man with a lot of followers tweeted that it is immoral to choose to have a baby with Down syndrome.  I can't even speak his name and I won't give him the glory of doing so. 


Unethical.  Depraved.  Corrupt.  Nefarious.  Shameless.  Sinful. 


How can it be sinful to choose life?  Any life, regardless of diagnosis? 

I know of people who refuse to kill spiders or flies, who prefer to catch them and release them outside.  And this guy, he wants us to kill babies?  And that's a more moral choice? 

I could quote a lot of Bible verses about sin and also about the value of life.  I could present scientific studies about the quality of life that Cade can expect to have.  I could write thousands of words about morality and ethics. 

Instead, I'll pose just this this sinful?


  1. Perfect pictures!! The only thing sinful is that they are sinfully cute!! And I feel sorry for that man (he who must not be named). He's the one missing out.